Our team of highly educated professionals are here to help you with one or all of your financial goals. No matter where you are at in life, we want to put your dreams into action by creating a tailored plan that fits you. Whether you need a retirement plan, risk management advice, an investment advisor representative or simply have questions you need answered, we are here for you. Feeling like you aren’t sure what your future needs are? Don’t fret! We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients to better understand what truly matters for their future selves.




Brice TerBeest, CFP® is the heart behind Pericles Financial. His dream of creating a financial services firm stems from understanding the privacy of finances and wanting to make it easier for people to better themselves and their families without the hassle of multiple companies. Finding a passion for finances after a macroeconomics course, he left behind his goals of being a history teacher (besides his love for Greek décor) to be a financial planner. Since 2013 Brice has helped many walks of life, with a variety of circumstances, get their financial repour up to snuff. Like most cliché financial professionals, Brice likes to golf and play tennis. You can also occasionally find him at a new brewery or hanging out with the dogs.


  • College for Financial Planning: CFP® Certification 

  • Ripon College (14'): Economics & Business Management with an emphasis on Finance


  • CFP® Professional

  • Series 7 & 66

  • Life & Health License

  • LinkedIn


Years of experience 

RanDY Brehmer


Randy Brehmer brings more years of experience to the table than Brice has been alive! After years working as a supervisor in construction Randy switched his profession and got into the world of finance. His passion is for talking and helping people. In his spare time he hits a golf ball down the middle of the fairway, sinks 25 foot putts and cleans out his golf partners. Outside of that, he spends time with his lovely wife, Linda, his three daughters and four grandsons. 


  • Graduate of MSOE (Class of 1971) 

  • Graduate of Markesan High School (Class of 1969) 


  • Series 6, 63, 65, & 7

  • Life & Health License

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 In the year 432 BC in ancient Greece war seemed inevitable between Athens and Sparta. A sense of doom settled on the city of Athens as they assembled to discuss their options against a far superior Spartan army. The hawks and doves debated tirelessly for hours until one man stepped forward to address the assembly. This was Pericles. Pericles persuaded his opposition with wisdom, logic, and airtight tactics. Ultimately, it was his strategy that the city agreed to.

Pericles was revered for rational thought and wisdom. A lesson to take from Pericles and the war between Athens and Sparta is to create a carefully thought-out plan that is well understood. Equally important, believing, adapting, and sticking to that plan will set you up with the greatest chance of your success. Planning is what we do. 


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