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Pericles provides the following services to help you reach your financial goals.

Financial services

Financial Services

Finances are important in all walks of life. Big or small, come build a tailored  financial plan that helps you reach your goals.


Cash Flow
& Budget

Organize your assets and liabilities & cash inflows and outflows on a single page.


Why? Better understand your financial situation.

Education Planning

Create a plan to help fund your loved one’s college expenses by creating a plan to cover those future costs.


Why? Help the people you care about be able to afford further education.


Wealth Management / Investment

Utilize a variety of strategies to help build a robust and well-rounded investment portfolio.

Why? Set yourself up for success while weighing rewards and risks.


Market Risk


The ups in the market are great but the other way is not so fun. Help to manage those ups and downs with tailored portfolios.

Why? Design a portfolio that matches your specific risk tolerance so you can be comfortable with market volatility.

Retirement Planning

Regardless of the stage of your life you are in, prepare to get to and through your retirement, the ultimate vacation.

Why? Understand when you can retire, how much income you will have/need in retirement, and how long that will last.


Estate Planning

The legacy you wish to leave can come in many different forms. Developing a plan to achieve those goals will blaze the path for making your dreams a reality.

Why? Help define what is most important to you and take steps to enhance and protect it.

Risk Management Services

risk management services

Uncover those financial blinders and protect against hazards that may happen throughout all facets of your life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be the greatest gift to your loved ones in case the unexpected happens. 


Why? Help to make sure your loved ones are financially taken care of in the event of death. 


Long-Term Care

Discover solutions to help cover the growing costs of long-term care.


Why? Create a plan to fund the care that you deserve. 

Long-term care-01.png

Final Expense

Regardless of your final wishes, carve out a piece of your plan to help fund them.

Why? Designate a separate policy to take care of your final expenses. 


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Pericles Financial Services

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